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What can supporting the Newport Celtic Festival and Highland Games do for this community?

It takes a village to raise enough interest to put on an event such as this, and the community benefits are exponential.

The Newport Celtic Festival and Highland Games provides a rare and exciting opportunity for audiences from the Oregon coast and surrounding areas to get in touch with their Celtic roots.

We have the potential to grow Celtic culture in our community, our County and our State.

One example is, through the
Coastal Celtic Society, who offers scholarships to interested in pursuing education in Celtic cultures, such as lessons in Celtic language, music and musical instruments, Celtic history, Celtic dance and other related activities.

Not only does this provide a new activity for members of our community, but it can help to start or grow local businesses! 

Our Celtic 
Clans and Societies travel to be here without asking for funds to cover their costs. All the while, imparting their knowlege about Clan Family histories on interested patrons of the festival.  They participate in these events because they hold strong the deep rooted traditions of their Celtic heritage.

Through supporting and promoting programs like theirs, we can plant the seeds for our children, friends and neighbors to truly become immersed and versed in Celtic culture and to eventually integrate themselves as a functional part of this event each year.

This is merely the beginning!


We are currently working on a new pricing structure.  Please check back on November 1, 2014 for details about how you can help support our efforts!