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Q:  Why is the Fairgrounds closed on Friday?

A:  Friday is reserved for vendor set up so we host our "Friday Fringe Events" at various locations around Newport to give the vendors time to get ready for the weekend festivities.  These include a Sand Sculpture Contest on Nye Beach, a Kilted Kilometer & 5K Fun Run on Nye Beach, and Gathering of the Clans and Piping Down the Sun events at Nye Beach.  In 2015, however, there will be a Concert by the Sea beginning at 7:00 pm at the Fairgrounds (see our "Local Area Information Page" for directions).


Where can I find a Schedule of Events?
A:   Click Here for a Schedule of Events.

Q:  When is the Celtic Heritage Parade?

A:   The parade will be held at the Fairgrounds on Saturday at 1:00 pm.

Q:   Is this a dog friendly event?

 A:   Yes.  You can bring your well-behaved pet as long as they are well socialized with other pets and humans, current on their shots, on a leash and cleaned up after.

Q:   Do you know of any pet-friendly lodging nearby?

A:  Click Here to find information about our sponsor hotels.

I have a Great Dane. Can I enter him in the Celtic Heritage Parade?

A:  Sorry, only full bred Celtic dogs are allowed in our Celtic Heritage parade, but you can certainly bring him to the festival! Click Here to see all the Celtic dog breeds.

Q:  Are tickets available at the gate?

A:  Yes, tickets are always available at the gate.  Online ticket purchases allow patrons the privilege of checking in at Will Call instead of waiting in line to pay.

Q:  Are ticket prices the same online as they are at the gate?

A:  Yes.

Q:  Where can I find ticket pricing?

A:   Click Here to find Ticket prices.  Children 6 and Under are FREE.

Q:  Are hotels offering discounts?

A:  Click Here to find information about our sponsor hotels. You may wish to call them to check about special rates for rooms.  Be sure to mention you are traveling here for the Celtic festival.

Q:  Is tent camping allowed at the Fairgrounds?

A:  No.  The City of Newport has an ordinance against tent camping in the City Limits unless in a designated campground.

Q:  Where can I find information about camping in the area?

A:  Click Here to find information about local camping areas.