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We welcome all Celtic clans, families and societies to gather at our festival to help educate our patrons on family histories, and so much more.  We ask that you complete an application so we can plan our venue accordingly.  We look forward to seeing you at the Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games!  

Clans, Families & Societies Vendor Application



Please contact our Vendor Team Leader at


                                             THE FOLLOWING CLANS ATTENDED THE
                                  2016 NEWPORT CELTIC FESTIVAL & HIGHLAND GAMES!

                                                                                                      Clan Cian (Irish)                                    
                                   Clan Davidson USA                               Clan Donald USA                         Clan Donnachaidh                   

                                    Clan Douglas Soc. NA                             Clan Farquharson USA                            Clan Fergusson                      

                                 Clan Gregor (MacGregor)                              Clan Hall (Skeene)                               Clan MacKintosh


                             Clan MacLaren Society of N.A.                            Clan MacLean                                    Clan Maxwell 


                                    Clan Muir Society                                 Clan Sinclair

                                                 CLICK ON THE CLAN LINKS BELOW TO LEARN MORE ABOUT EACH CLAN!

Find your Clan - What's My Clan?

Following is a list of the Official Scottish and Irish Clans,
or Celtic tribes and families, who are all invited to participate!

This is a list of Official Clans and Families registered by the Court of the Lord Lyon. Should you not find your name in here then it is either a sept of one of the official clans or else it is not recognised as being an official clan.

The specific source of our classification is the Clan and Family Encyclopaedia written by George Way and Romilly Squire (both eminent scholars and officials of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and Lord Lyon's office'.)

= Officially registered clans, with Clan Chiefs, that are registered with the Lord Lyon Court.
** = Officially registered clans, without Clan Chiefs, that are registered with the Lord Lyon Court.
* = These are clans that we are told are in the process of applying for registration.

From a letter received from the Court of the Lord Lyon 28 August 2002
"I think it would be fair to say that there are official clans that both have a clan chief and do not have a clan chief, but we would not normally use the word "official". There is either a clan or there is not, be it with a chief or chiefless. It is not so much the case that the clan is recognised, it is that there has been a recognised chief of the name, and that constitutes a chief or an organised group of people being either a clan or family."

Also see Clans, Families and Septs written by Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw Bt., which will give the official position of the Lyon Court.



  Clan Cian (Irish)